Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tac-o- Bet

Tac-o-bet, is the Native American name for Mt Rainier, Tac-o-bet was a beautiful woman, who when her life ended, chose to become a mountain who could, forever sustain her people. Rainier was an Englishman who was never here...

The sun shone all day: temperatures rose to the upper umm thirties.  Two amazing pieces of luck - the weather is unusually warm and clear, and the late snow melt this year meant the flowers bloomed later, and there were many still going into late September.  Tonight, Darlene and I go shopping for the Devonshire Cream Tea which I am catering tomorrow for everyone who helped with the wedding. Casually starting packing.  We leave at 4:30am on Thursday for a 7am flight (via Cleeveland and Newark NJ) We touchdown in Birmingham at 9am Friday. Though I don't get home until after Daniel's weekend at Llansor Mill.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Mt Rainier

Today was perfect... 'The Mountain was out'! Well and truly out.  Warm, sunny, clear - days like this are rare enough, and the fact that the same is forecast or the next two days, rarer still! The B&B is the home built for the Timber Company Boss who stripped the area bare back in the 1900's.  It is beautiful, and the couple who run it, lacking tv reception, gain all their information about the world from the BBC, so we're well in! The rest is up to the photos, I really can't convey how spectacular, how sacred this place is, and not just to the Native Americans.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Aberdeen, Gray's Harbour Wildlife Sanctuary, Ferry from Bremerton to Seattle

Ocean Shore State Park, Aberdeen. I didn't photograph the SUV's riding up and down the beach!

Driftwood is a feature of these shores fringing the Oympic Penninsula vast forests.

Tsunami escape routes are clearly marked... The Pacific coast is geologically VERY active.
Downtown Aberdeen.
The re are a series of Western Hemisphere feeding grounds for migrating birds.

Bremerton is a Navy town...
Washington State is very beautiful,,,

Too hazy for good mountain shots,,, Mt Baker is a dormant volcano.

The Space Needle - built for The World's Fair in 1962.

Seattle waterfront from the ferry.