Sunday, 5 March 2017

Aliens, An Inundation And An Impeachment

My friend Wendy sent me a link to a ten minute op-ed that about covers all I want to say about the title of this post.

On second thoughts, I'll summarise: A 1950's cult figure said that aliens were going to cause a great flood and that only her followers were going to be saved. So, when the flood failed to make it's appearance, the lady in the know said it was because she had asked the aliens not to do the flood thing, and the cult grew.

Listen anyway, the guy's good. He explains that this, 'adjusting reality to fit perception' model, is the reason why believing that Trump will be removed from office before his time is up, is also delusional. Even if desirable, I hasten to add.

Here's the link:


Wendy got me thinking. Then writing.

Dear Wendy,

Very good listen!

I long ago came to the conclusion that: you can believe what you like and get away with it, and most people do ( religion);the prettiest person with the best lies will form a government ( politics);the person you've got now is worth holding on to, because the next stands a good chance of being worse ( relationships); there IS no concrete reality, we are made of light and energy, and what we perceive as real is an illusion created in a brain evolved to construct an environment where the propagation of the species is at least a possibility(science).

Trump will not be impeached because 80% of Republican voters still support him, they are emotionally invested in him and not likely to waiver. Flying Saucer Cult 102.

So, to keep sane, we too, have to construct our own reality. For me, a stubborn belief that the Universe is ultimately benign, that at least a part of me is eternal, and that, in the end, "all manner of things shall be well," works. It's as likely to be 'right' as many much nastier alternatives. Whether or not it has any basis in what might be called 'truth' , is hardly relevant given that we are 99% energy in a universe that is 75% missing.

As Pilate so rightly asked, "What is truth?" A question that even the King of Kings couldn't answer!


Mary xxx

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  1. It's a good point. I am past the point of hanging my hopes on an impeachment. Even if he goes, the rest of his government stays, and the problems go deeper than a single person. Instead I focus on the people I can help.

  2. I totally agree Mel, the best resistance we have to anger and hate is to go on being kind and generous.