Tuesday, 17 August 2010

First Past The Post

My selection for the Book Club this month is, '99 Things To Do Between Here and Heaven'.  A good choice for the summer as there are - well, 99  - things to do  that entail getting out of the deckchair and exploring the amazing space one inhabits. It invokes a spiritual journey as well as a short hike, though this need not spoil the enjoyment of the casual reader who merely wishes to watch a birth (21), milk a cow (16) or contribute to Wikipedia (49).

I confess I have already given up on learning New Testament Greek (15) I probably won't go skinny-dipping (74), though I WILL give dancing in the rain (96) a go, if I can be sure there's no-one about.

I suggested to the Members that we 'do' four of these 99 in advance of 26th September, and report back to the meeting on the physical and metaphysical benefits of same.

Number 26 BLOG. I'll keep you posted.

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