Monday, 25 October 2010

Letter To The Editor

I have read both sides of the debate on the spending review and am dismayed at this government’s failure to grasp the new reality, one  that opens up the opportunity to deal with the scourge of sentimentality in politics once and for all. Rightly, they’ve pushed the fairness issue – that’s played well with those with a conscience, giving them a gold-plated get-out.  The churches are marginalised, I mean, for heaven’s sake, who cares about God anymore? And the media will soon be entirely owned by Rupert Murdoch, so no-one need be troubled by the ravings of radical leftists or the groans of the losers who’ve had to stop their subscription to Sky to pay the rent.
I humbly offer these suggestions for the latter years of this administration, when the Tory benches find themselves short of things to cheer:
A fact-finding tour of Zimbabwe to find out how to deal effectively with the shanty towns that will grow up around our great cities to house the families who were sent away to live in cheaper accommodation in areas where there were no jobs.
Stop treating sick people!  Take it slowly, begin with the compassionate elimination of the mad, the old and the otherwise unproductive. There are plenty of the great and good already pre-disposed to this one, I foresee little credible opposition.  Priority for health-care should be given to the truly deserving, those who have been driven by higher taxes to leave BUPA and throw in their lot with the NHS.
Take a leaf out of the book of that enterprising farmer in Worcestershire.  Those Romanian kiddies are getting a REAL education; in order to survive, sometimes you have to be trafficked.  A lesson for us all.

Yours sincerely

Founder and Sole Member ‘Intelligent Decline UK’

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