Sunday, 25 March 2012


I fixed the shower curtain back up just now.  My nearest 
and dearest frequently remark, just this side of 
admiration, that I don't know when to give up; it is truer 
to say,I believe, that  I do not know HOW to, which is 
sometimes problematical, but I have learned, for my 
sanity, not to look upon defeat as failure.

So this is the third time I have put the shower curtain 
up.  The first time was, with regard to longevity, the 
most successful effort to date. The drill would not 
penetrate,to any great degree, the hardboard that covered 
the ceiling.  I don't know why this should be so, however, 
it wouldn't, but for a fraction of an inch, three times, 
which was enough to screw in three small hooks to hold up 
the cord that held up the shower curtain and this for 
five months until a near and dear one decided to take it 
down to wash.  

The hooks fell out, wouldn't go back in, so that was that.

The second attempt was, and I am not ashamed to admit it, 
genius.  I could tell that what was needed was a rail, and 
such I could have contrived but for the sheer effort 

We are talking about a week ago last Thursday, and I am 
recently returned from camping in a field in a small tent -
 the tent being held up by two extending plastic poles 
made both rigid and flexible at the same time by an 
elastic rope that goes through them like Brighton through a 
stick of rock. Ah-ah!  and Eureka!  I stretchecd 
a tentpole across the space, first before, then after, 
threading the shower curtain through it. Voila!  

The crack and bang that served as a fanfare to the 
collapse of my ingenious artefact was spectacularly loud, 
though fortunately neither the bath nor its occupant 
suffered any permanent damage as the tent pole and shower 
curtain descended into the foam.

Today's effort was rather more prosaic.  If I tell you it 
required 3/4 yard of 60cm wide white sticky-backed plastic, 
53cms of double sided carpet tape and a pair of scissors, I 
shall leave you to work out how I did it.


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