Saturday, 15 June 2013

Meaning What, Exactly?

In my absence, Dear Reader, I have been busy with You Tube, furthering my  search for Enlightenment.

I confess to feeling rather enlightened already, but that's a big fat illusion. So what? When you're comfortable with the quantum enigma, you know that illusions are pretty  much all we have, so pick one. (Note: Comfort  does not equate with understanding.) 

You Tube offered me Ekhart Tolle, Richard Feynman, Albert Einstein and The Dali Lama. Oh! And for some strange reason, adding to the burden of proof for Chaos Theory,  Dave Allen. How I laughed.

I gave Richard Dawkins a hearing too. It's hard to refute him, or  take a swipe at the fervour of his secularism when bad religion does such terrible  things.

I am awash with insight. You wouldn't care who said what, so I'm letting precision go hang. One or two of these  quotes I probably made up. Possibly:

The purpose of life is to be happy.

That this mysterious universe has no purpose doesn't frighten me. 

Without consciousness the universe doesn't exist

When the creative power of the universe becomes conscious of itself, it manifests as joy.

If you cannot accept what you're doing as 'this is just what is' - stop doing it. 

If you drink at your own funeral you drink alone  (Dave Allen:  I give you that one, to save bewilderment.) 

I bring a long-suffering smile to my husband's lips when I play a game called,'That's A Title I Want':
'Lord High Chancellor',  'Minister Without Portfolio', ' Her Holiness', 'Head Mistress', ' Sergeant At Arms', 'Director General of the BBC' ... . These are on the short-list. The impossibilities abound, and have me rocking with laughter, as I explore the differences I could make to the lives of my fellow citizens/believers in that alternative universe where I make it to the top. ( Yes, I do have a very strange sense of humour.) 

This game, which I heartily recommend to you, is played whilst lying in bed listening to Radio 4. Or any news programme that threatens you with an interview with someone who might make you seethe.  It's best not to be alone though. More fun. 

A strange sense of humour. Everyone knows by now that I am convinced   that  you can make up what you believe as you go along, and get away with it. I regard this as being a healthy and life-enhancing state of being, as it holds out the opportunity for you to reflect on your prejudices, and opens you up the possibility of change. I look upon change as a good thing. The butterfly mind is no longer a grub, that's what I think. 

In conclusion, my butterfly mind, shielded by a quirky sense of humour, has given me a special work to do. To discover which title I have today, and to play the role with enjoyment and enthusiasm. 

Don't let anyone else define who you are. That's what I'm saying. 

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