Wednesday, 26 February 2014

An Antipathy to Human Resources

Back in Starbucks again, fearing it might become a habit. I added a cinnamon swirl to the bucket of coffe and an 'i'. I have an excuse - the motorey thinagabob that makes the steering work on the car has had a fit of the vapours, and has been sent away for an operation. So it was the Early Bus again, and a long wait.

I have an idea for a screenplay. It's not necessarily a GOOD idea, but one that I might make use of. Trouble is, being a poet, I've never written a screenplay before, so I reckon to start out by studying the craft. 

A few years ago, I essayed Creative Writing with The Open University, which made a nice change from the science and education units I pursued when relevant. In an excess of enthusiasm, I bought the follow-up Course Handbook, and when the same enthusiasm waned, I put it on the bottom of the book-heap and took up walking instead. But NOW the enthusiasm  has reasserted itself, and I am working my way through the exercises. It's not easy. 

I am minded to ask The Bucks to turn down the music so that I can eavesdrop on the conversations around me (current research), but after the fourth reference to Human Resources I am more inclined to ask them to turn it up. 

This isn't working, I type to myself, I may have to invent the conversations to make them more interesting. Oh! Look! Arnold Swarzenegger and Machiavelli have just walked in. THIS is more like it... . 

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