Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A Proper Balls-Up

Today is Ed Balls Day. 

I didn't know this either. I gleaned this curious piece of information from Canadian Public Radio show, 'All Things Considered' this morning. This eclectic broadcast roams widely in its search for tidbits of news, mixing incisive interviews with the great and the ghastly, and fluffy bits of nonsense. Unlike many Canadians, I know quite a bit about Balls, having survived his spell as Education Secretary in Gordon Brown's  Cabinet, over which I will draw a veil. 

Ed ballsed-up inaugurating his Twitter account. He Tweeted his own name, entirely accidentally. Poor man. This perfectly understandable mistake fed into our prejudices about the vanity of politicians, and his first Tweet has been retweeted 20,000 times since 2011 largely ironically, everyone suspects. 

I wouldn't  for one minute want you to think that Ed Balls is a fluffy piece of nonsense, I must make this clear, especially as my personal prejudices against the current Administration might lead to me voting for Mr B next time around. 

Anyway, were I the Ed, I'd be chuffed to bits to have a day named after me. And fluffing up Twitter-initiation makes him appear just a little bit human, which for a high-profile politician is some achievement. Even if only Canadians and me know about it.   

PS: I declare May 3rd 'Quodlibet Day' Tweet this. 

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