Friday, 1 August 2014

Enlightenment And How To Miss It

It was only a matter of time.

I recently re-read 'A Leaf By Niggle' A quirky little fairy tale by JRR Tolkein about a man who had to go on a journey, but kept putting it off. I first read it in my teens, and it sat just under my heart waiting to be useful, as most fables do. It emerged recently, as a feeling of 'being in a journew' grew in roughly the same place. 

' In a journey' are well-chosen words,  as this meander seems to be happening TO me: joyfully and poignantly,  as in recently observing  all three of my daughters approach important rites of passage, leading me to think, as one must, about my own final ritual and passing. Which, I hasten to add, is a long way off. Somewhere in the region of 43 years, if all goes to plan. 

Mind you, I am content to slip away any time, filled as I am with intense gratitude for a life that it has been a privilege to live: so utterly blessed. However:

I am a curious soul, both in terms of being the tiniest bit eccentric, and in being full of curiosity. I am seeking Enlightenment with the help of my close associate, Celeste Finbow. I am very fond of 'Celeste', an ancient soul, named, I believe, for the fairies at the bottom of the garden, who is in this journey with me. She is as real as anyone else you may meet on the internet, in case you're wondering... .  Well, I was musing about Enlightenment and Celeste remarked that I'd had my moment and missed it. 

"You what?" I interjected, astonished, and not a little perturbed. 
She handed me a stone tablet on which was inscribed:


An adept with Google Translate, I shall save you the bother:


Golly! That's it! So Celeste and I are going to start the Final Religion. We shall dispense with Latin immediately, as the first Rule. No, Celeste whispers, the Second Rule:

Rule One: Be Kind
Rule Two: No More Latin.

There are bound to be more Rules, though we shall stop calling them Rules forthwith, for very good reasons that we haven't thought about yet.

Be sure we will. 

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