Saturday, 6 June 2015

Skipping To The End ...

Readers fall by nature into two categories: the dogged and the cheats.

I am a cheat. I need no excuse to run over the pages and skip to the end - of the paragraph, of the chapter - or if I am either so enraptured that I can longer bear the suspense, or so bored I am mindful to spend my time on more entertaining pursuits - to the very end of the book. It is my only weakness.

I cheat only myself in a sense: who knows what literary gems were lost to me because I refused to persevere? Who indeed.


My friends and family are appalled by my lack of staying power: I offer no excuses, I hang my head in shame.

I did, however, read a book this last week that held my attention from beginning to end."Flight Behaviour" by Barbara Kingsolver. Ecolology, entomology and the inhabitants of a fictional town in Tennessee - without heroes or villains, beautifully described. Words are failing me: If you enjoy a good read and want one that will hold your attention, this book will do it.

It wasn't a book that prompted me to this: I was watching Series Three of "Ripper Street". Halfway through episode two I just HAD to find out where the main protagonists ended up. I wasn't disappointed, so I may now return to episode three and catch up!

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