Monday, 14 September 2015

#MicroblogMondays: Word-Working

She, The Poet
She, the Poet has awoken,
Opens a box for you and out wafts
Such a fragrance! The
Plumeria blossom of Oahu and the
Drift of an ocean
Crashing its momentous waves
Against the black volcanic sands.
In the Botanical Gardens-
Where she always strays-
It's Tuesday
The Orchid Man Comes.
Such splendour!

See, the poet looks about her
And waves you over to
Stare intently into
The deep green woods
On an ancient hillside
Where two lovers,
Who will not notice you,
Are sealing their fate with
More than just a kiss.
Smile! SHE is.

Listen! The poet
Has conjured for you
A song of many delights
Rising and falling
But also, if you are alert to it,
A swelling of sadness that
Is not without meaning, and
Because she dreams it,
Completes her world.

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