Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Ship That Flew

"It all started with a toothache ..." Doesn't seem much of an opening, but when I started reading this story to my grandchildren last week, it was with a thrill of nostalgia. 

I was eight years old, and my father gave me a book that had belonged to him. Hilda Lewis' children's classic, 'The Ship That Flew'. The little boat, once owned by Thor carried the four lovely 1940's middle class children across the world and back through time to all sorts of exciting adventures. 

I can't wait. Today, we tried to return the ship ( unsuccessfully)  to the old man who,sold it to Peter. Next week we will visit Matilda back in 1070, soon we shall be off to Egypt,,ancient and modern, then ... Who knows? It's been more than fifty years since I read it, and I can't remember. 

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  1. Such a fun sounding book. I've never heard of it. So now I'm off to Google.