Sunday, 7 August 2016


I recently changed my Twitter bio. Laughably, and I know at least two of you will laugh, it was because I may have been a little defamatory, in a slightly ironic way, about the current hierarchy of the Labour Party, and rumours abound that even the faintest mocking tone might cost me my vote in the upcoming Labour Leadership election.  

 So let me state here and now, that every previous leader of the Labour Party has been a marvellous human being and an amazing individual who never, not once, made a mistake, not even when they invaded Iraq.  Be assured, I will have more to say on this matter in a few weeks.  

 So, back to my Twitter bio. Having removed a sentence or two, I thought carefully about what to replace them with. What, I thought am I like?

  "Joined the Labour Party during Jeremy Corbyn's leadership acceptance speech. Retired headteacher. Sci-fi addict. Brain the size of a plant." 

There you have it. Si-fi  addict. I have been binge-watching Star Trek Voyager since it appeared on Netflix. Captain Janeway wouldn't have allowed the pantomime farce that Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition has descended into, let me tell you. 


  1. Anyone confused by the botanical reference will need to cast their minds back to Marvin the Paranoid Android from 'A Hitchicker's Guide to The Galaxy'. Failing that, Google it.

  2. Oh, Marvin. He was wonderful! I loved that reference.