Sunday, 14 January 2018

A Well-Loved Life

My friend Wendy and I, used to sit in The Jolly Brewmaster, a pub in Cheltenham, and chew the fat. We became Disaster Specialists.


Asteroids, Tsunamis, Nuclear Wipeout, Global Warming, we tutted over them all. We had climate change nailed before the deniers got a foot in the door. We knew which bit of Maderia was about to drop into the Atlantic and drown London, we could name the next nuclear facility that was most likely to go into meltdown, we knew the approximate location of the asteroid that would knock the planet off it's orbit. Oh yes, there was no misery-stone we left unturned. We had a ball!


You know what? Two decades on, we're still here.


Keep Smiling. It May Never Happen.




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