Monday, 12 November 2012

Bumping Into Flash

A tooth broke on Friday whilst crunching down onto a hunk of  pork crackling. This did not go down well with the family auditor, as the possibility of having the tooth drilled, secured and crowned was not exactly budgeted for this side of Christmas.

But, a gap in my charming smile, was not in my lifestyle plan either, so an emergency appointment was made to visit the dentist, which to my surprise happened today. I was prepared for a long wait. 

My wonderful dentist is a very competent and very personable young Spaniard. 

' Are you anxious about pain?' Asks Fernando.

' Uh, No.! I smile, toothily... I have given birth. This is a walk in the park.' 

'That is interesting - many women tell me that having a tooth drilled is worse than that!

'Ha!' I reply, with feeling, 'They must have had epidurals.'

Pleasantries over, Fernando, quickly, efficiently, proficiently, reconstructed the damaged tooth with amalgam, beautifully, for a fraction of the cost of the crown. 

I smile and smile, lifting my left upper lip, ever so slightly, to reveal the beautiful new tooth.

Fernando's efficientcy enabled me to present myself at the bus station early, for the 13:37 Number 32 bus to Ross on Wye. 

Waiting in line was Flash. With Paddy, his dog. Flash  is a rough sleeper and a beggar. We met last Wednesday at the Day Centre for the homeless. Where I gave him coffe and a sausage roll, and he gave me his life story. 

Which would fill a book. Far too incredible a tale for a sensible blog.

'Flash! ' I give him a kiss and he hugs me back. 'How did you get on? 

Flash was due in court last Tueday, but there was an adjournment. I forget the reason why.

Flash doesn't dwell on his summons for attacking a policeman, which was, as I was quick to point out, 'A Bloody Stupid Thing To Do.'

Flash has his own opinion on this. ' Six months bed and board, and the opportunity to get off THIS,'he said, waving a can of beer in my direction. 

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