Thursday, 8 November 2012

Well I Never!

I have laboured under the illusion that I wrote this blog for a handful of people, most of whom stumble upon this by accident, and I find to my surprise that I have entertained over 1300 viewers from ten countries. Now I know viewing isn't reading, and I know too, from my idle clicking on the next blog button up there ^, that casual and brief acquaintance with someone six thousand miles away  is part of what this is about - but I am thinking 'audience'  now, and I feel a sense of duty coming on.

You see, I thought most of the page views were mine, as I tinkered with my prose, and agonised over my punctuation, for no particular purpose except to while away an hour with the possibility of, perhaps, letting my children see it just before I died, so they get an insight into my more colourful side...

 Just look at this:

Entry              Page views

UK.                 550
US.                  502
Switzerland.    132
Russia.               49
Poland.               41
Germany            27
France.                 9
Ukraine.               8
South Korea.        7
Iran                       6

Wow! I have gone global and I didn't know it!  Thank you all for your interest, and if you would, just leave a smile and the name of your country, I'd be so thrilled!

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