Friday, 10 May 2013

Geographically Challanged

I am going for a walk. This WILL be a challenge.

I have been a member of Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust for a couple of decades (on and off) and have useful information to hand, like a Reserve to walk in, the name of the nearest pub and a Map Reference.

Five Acre Grove, The Royal Gloucestershire Hussars. SO791043.

Thank God for Google, I mutter, having learned from my Geography O Level (1967) how to ink in a coastline with a mapping pen, but not how to read a map.

Last year was not a good year for walking. It was too wet. I am a fair-weather hiker, I'm ashamed to say. The only Reserves I visited were Buckholt Woods and Swift's Hill. (Black Horse, Cranham, good pie, Woolpack Slad, no room. No room at the inn, just like Christmas.)

An adventure in prospect then. Better get going!

Photo: Swift's Hill, Slad

Below: Five Acre Grove


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