Thursday, 16 May 2013

Merry Men And Meter Maids

Ian Freeman  is a Robin Hooder. I listened to him being interviewed by Carol Orff via KUOW Seattle just now. 

It's all about a nice little freedom that the Twentieth Century saw the back of - that to park for nothing  in one's  own town. I'm not so troubled myself - I ought either to walk the ten minutes into Newent, or cough up the 20p to park in the Lakeside facility. But I do, on the whole, resent the imposition of parking fees. I just do. 

Here's the story:

The city of Keene, New Hampshire, filed a lawsuit against six citizens, who are part of a group that 'Robin Hoods' in downtown by filling expired meters

They give to the poor, and take from the rich, and that makes one New England city anything but merry.

The city of Keene, New Hampshire is suing a group that calls themselves "Robin Hood of Keene," alleging that the merry men have taken away much of the city's revenue by paying the expired parking meters of strangers.

I am tickled pink by the activities of the Robin Hooders, who follow the 'Meter Maids' (Yes, so they were called, or 'Parking Enforcers' by the PC interviewer. Give me 'Meter Maid' any day. Sorry.)  and beat them to the expired meters and rescue the would-be citizens-in -distress from the 'King's Ransom' (Yes... .) 

There are probably a million other far worthier libertarian causes to take up, it is all a bit silly, but then I sit up and take notice ... The Robin Hooders are being sued by the city of Keene for 'harassment'. I checked it out, it didn't look like harassment to me. 

Someone in the City of Keene's legal department is taking advice from the Sheriff of Nottingham. 

Come on Keene, let liberty be! 


Whilst following up on the link above, (it works),  I found this advertisement. I am struck by the word 'curates'. I am thinking of dobbing it in to the OED.
If you’re looking for a weekend retreat with one-of-a-kind accommodations, Spitbank Fort has you covered. With only eight rooms available, the hotel curates an exclusive, private island feel that’s truly tough to beat.

Each lavishly decorated bedroom showcases the fort’s original exposed brick interiors, armor-plated walls and fortress windows, along with modern-day fixtures and furnishings that are sure to make any design-lover drool.

If that’s not enough for you, each room boasts distinct sea views towards Portsmouth, the Solent or the Isle of Wight. Just try not to be too dissuaded by the hefty price tag, which can top $500 per night.

Sometimes I regret not having $500 to throw around. It's the 'armour-plated walls' that particularly attract. I have to make it clear though: I am too young to drool... . 

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