Thursday, 17 July 2014

A Course In Miracles

Occasionally, I come over all-Newagey, which is to say, I return to 'A Course In Miracles'. I am light-hearted about it, and possibly even in denial, because to even BEGIN to see sense in a book dictated by Jesus to a psycotherapist, is to begin to unravel some fairly fundamental beliefs for a Catholic. Especially with regard to sin. 

Churches NEED sinners. I am just beginning to understand this. ' If you're not feeling guilty about something, then something's not right.'

Sitting here in the warm and bird-soaked sun of a gorgeous morning, it's not so easy to dwell on sin. So I shall say, quite starkly, I do not sin. I do screw up sometimes, and keep a few cupboards firmly locked, in the interests of integrity I have to say this. This isn't what I do, so much as who I am, though, and we're all the same - different screw-ups, other cupboards: it's how we are. 

I find an imperative within to straighten out some things, but on the whole, as I get older I see another imperative: that to live life in all it's fullness and joy, taking the rap for the mistakes, letting them go, moving on. I guess that's forgiveness for you.

Living as a former-sinner is quite exhilirating. I find I am not wasting my life in self-retrospection, self-hatred and self-denial. An occasional, "Yup, could have handled that better!" about covers it. 

A Course In Miracles Lesson of the Day


Only my condemnation injures me.

Only my own forgiveness sets me free.

Do not forget today that there can be no form of suffering that fails to hide an unforgiving thought. Nor can there be a form of pain forgiveness cannot heal.

I tell you, there are worse things you could be thinking today. 


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