Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Hold On Lightly

Brian has found a full-time job.  I miss his tall gangly presemce and his easy conversation, to say nothing of his transforming work in the house and garden! 

"Sometimes it's good news" I wrote a while back, and this really is.  A young man who just needed a bit of  a break:  I feel really glad that.I was able to help, but as a Type Two on the Enneagram, I would say that wouldn't I? 

Tom's back from his European trip with Colette. He was the origin of my epiphany, "I don't do meetings anymore, I go to the Salvation Army and help serve lunch to the homeless." That must have been three years ago, and it's been an amazing source of wellbeing for ME: a sense of purpose, some continuity, a reason to get out of bed and feel worthwhile ... And I thought the purpose was to help others!

I have to watch the tendency to hold on to Brian, and this is hard. I remember when Ray supported a recovering alcoholic through his work with Emmaus, a long  time ago. Once Richard was dry and well enough to leave and pick up his old life, he vanished completely from ours. Ray was very philosophical about it, "He associates us with the worst time in his life. Why would he want to keep in touch?" 

'Holding on lightly' is for me allowing myself to feel deep gratitude for the men and women who walked alongside me for a while, then blessing them and letting them go, when it's time. 

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