Sunday, 14 September 2014

How To Write A Poem

Gotcha! This blogpost is not about how to write a poem, because I don't know how. Poems just happen. This one, for example, isn't written yet . It's sitting in an ante-room, egging me on, "Come on!" It's saying, "You can do this!" 

It's just an image at the moment of a door. It's closed, it has the word, "KNOCK" deeply etched into it's surface, and it is surrounded on every side by a beautiful day. I was struck by this, when I first saw it, because you can walk all the way round the door and still be where you are. No walls, no ceilings, just a door in it's frame,  standing there, waiting. On the top of a hill. Say, Robinswood Hill. 

Now you can see what a cheat I am. As a poet I shouldn't have used the turgid and lengthy convention of prose to show you the door. You may assume that I did  because a description of the door matters, but not to the poem. Here goes:

OK God
Not sure about this.
This is seriously weird. I know
You know me, and the temptation to 
Is going to be irresistable. 

But first, I want to make something clear.
I am naked. 
I am not ashamed. 

I notice the serpent's keeping his distance:
"Don't mess with me mate,
I've got  your  number." 

No, God, Not You!

I know nothing  of YOU
If it's not love and all those things
Lovely things.

Here goes ... 

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