Thursday, 8 January 2015

Hate Crime

I do not habitually listen to news programmes. I don't say this is a good thing, it's just my way of keeping in check the amount of sadness amd pain I'm subjected to, because, frankly, I just can't take it. Sometimes, though, I feel I must.

Yesterday I watched an hour of news that was entirely concerned with the assassination in Paris, of the staff of the satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, that were targeted for 'mocking' The Prophet Mohammed.

I found it hard. I wept. For the men and women who were killed, for the shocked people of Paris.. . But I felt I had to see it through, to bear witness to this latest manifestation of hate, intolerance and wickedness that some are capable of in the name of God.

I despair. Mankind has no need of a God, or a prophet, that inspires such grotesque acts of worship as this.

There is good news too. I see that many people, including Muslims, are speaking out, holding vigils, wearing Tee-shirts, writing blogs .... Saying to the perpetrators of this hate-crime, 'Me too! You might as well take me too... Because living in the world you want to bring about, wouldn't be worth it.'

They can't kill us all.


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