Monday, 19 January 2015

#MicroblogMondays:Taking The Bus

My friend Carol took me to task the other day for going on about getting old. Whilst I protest that I do so with tongue-in-cheek, as I feel twenty, and am frequently caught out acting like a six year-old, I admit she has a point. So I have stopped dwelling on creaking joints, aching backs and wrinkles, and am spending my time doing age-irrelevant tasks like dreaming up new and better meals, beating my record on 'Penguin Slide' on Wii-Fit Plus and catching up on back-issues of the New Scientist.
But there is one consequence of becoming a Senior Citizen ( Prefer, 'Wise Woman' myself ... ) that I am delighted with - my Bus Pass. Here in the UK, it enables those of state pension status ( basically over 65, but increasing thanks to the Bankers and their Crisis) to receive free travel on all local bus services.
I have used my pass to visit the beautiful city of Bath, to collect my favourite cheese from Moreton-in -the-Marsh and to oggle the sights from the top-deck of an iconic red London bus.
Today I used it to catch the 32 from outside the Co-op in Newent, to travel to Gloucester via Highnam. I was on my way in to serve tea at The Salvation Army Lunch For The Homeless, but you know that.
It was a spectacular morning. The sun was low, just climbing above the horizon, presiding over a truly beautiful landscape. I was in pole position; front seat, top-deck, which gives the best view ever: simultaneaosly elevated and intimate. Open fields and open curtains offering delightful vistas on both fronts.
The woods are still asleep, but the understoreys of hedgerows are springing to life. I saw snowdrops! The view across the river from Highnam offers a view of Gloucester not much changed since the nineteenth century, excusing the pylons ... There is a magical viewpoint that I wanted to capture for you, but unfortunately I missed it as the bus moved off the stop a fraction of a second too early. Nevertheless, here is:
"The View Seconds After The Best Landscape West of Gloucester". Enjoy!

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  1. I want to be back in England! This post made me nostalgic.

    And yes to Penguin Slide. Though that game is tough!