Monday, 9 February 2015

Missed The Deadline

My intention to blog every Monday fell by tye wayside this week.

I have a heavy cold, and paying attention to that seems to have robbed me of inspiration, though that rarely stopped me in the past!

Mum's amaryllis:

My mother died in June 2002. This beautiful amaryllis was hers. Someone gave it to her for Christmas in 1998. It has bloomed at least once a year since then, and it bloomed once more this week. Every time it does, I remember her, and her special beauty - that of a devoted mother and adoring grandmother. Loved, and missed.

John and Lynsay's Wedding


Somebody got something stuck up in the rafters, and everybody's trying to work out how to get it down again. Deja-vu. A reference only my family will understand!

Went to the park with Rosie and Abigail. Had fun.





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