Friday, 13 February 2015

Our Art

My lovely friend Darlene Pollard is recovering at home from hip surgery (Hi Darlene!). I wanted to send her a card to wish her well, so I looked to the good old BBC. The BBC is Britain's gift to the world, yes it is, and I love it because I get to watch amazing television for around £12 a month, which compared with commercial rivals ( that make obscene amounts of money carrying advertising that I neither want nor need) is a BARGAIN! We Brits need to fight for Aunty B, because greed and politics keep her constantly under threat of extinction.

Oops, I got carried away a bit there, I do apologise. Not so very far though, because the BBC website hosts the nation's art collection, and I wanted something special for Darlene's card. This is what I picked - a watercolour by Marianne North:

The original is in an amazing gallery in Kew Gardens. I tell you, it's worth the entrance fee to the gardens just to see Ms North's watercolours.

The website is:

(Do as the doctor tells you Darlene! Stay well.)


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