Monday, 11 May 2015

#MicroblogMondays: Election Reflection

I am SO glad it's over! Fortunately British politics is always about pink or pale blue shades of centralism, so I am hopeful that there won't be too much to worry about over the next five years, I suppose you couid say I got neither what I wanted, nor what I feared, and that's a result.

I do wonder though, if there might be a better way of doing things. If our nation is in such dire financial trouble, why can't we have a government of national unity? Or at least a government that leaves polemic and division to one side for a bit, and works to draw opponents together to work in the interests of everyone?

Last Wednesday, I went to the cinema in Gloucester with Carol. As I walked down Southgate Street towards the Cross, I heard shouting. It was Samantha having a very public row with Vince over - something - that she clearly felt was unfair. Later I met Robbie, who was drunk, and Robin who was sore from a beating, and I stopped - to hug Sam and calm her and remind her of her worth, to commiserate with Robin, to make sure Robbie knew where he was ...

To me this work, as a Missioner, is a joy and a privilege. It's me doing what I love with people I love.

Yesterday I went to a BBQ with friends and family from Church. These are people I love too, whose life experiences are so different from my street friends. Something in me wants to battle with them, to force them to understand the impact of austerity on the vulnerable who are beyond being able to cope. I could feel the old class war begin to break out, but something different happened. I listened, I got off my high- horse and I let these friends tell their stories too.


No great conclusions here, but for me, a bit of a change of heart. I'm not going to metaphoricalky shout slogans over a class wall. I'm going to carry on bringing the two sides together in myself and reconcile in me whar I want reconciled in politics.





  1. I dread election season here, and it always seems to be election season. It's so drawn out, and it foments such anger. I hope things calm over there now that the election is over and the results are in.

  2. Sometimes it seems that the voice of reason is lost in the clamour to gain power.

    My husband went through Baltimore on a train the morning after the riots, and not to go into the rights and wrongs, but just to look at the facts of the desolation and neglect of the inner-city anywhere, you have to say this is not just.

    Is it possible to leave behind the sacred cows of right/left dualism and come together to seek justice?