Monday, 18 May 2015

#MicroblogMondays: A Moment In Time


I am sitting in the third floor cafe in Debenhams overlooking King's Square, Gloucester. The first time I sat here, or whereabouts, I was a child. The square below was the terminus for the buses, a car park and public toilets interspersed between the bus stops. The Matson bus, number 6 stopped over to the left, and the number three 'way over to the right. That was the bus we took to visit my aunty.
There have been many changes in the sixty years since this was a Bon Marche, and I drank milk! But the hills in the background have always looked the same: the beautiful Cotswold escarpment.
I'm about to finish my peppermint tea and head for the station to catch a train to Bristol to spend a couple of days with my youngest daughter.
Much has happened to me, good and not so good, but here I am, having outlasted it all. Everything changes, nothing stays the same. Sometimes that is a scarey thought, but today, it's a source of comfort.

King's Square in 1950's:


  1. Well said..everything changes and nothing stays the same..

  2. I love this line: "Much has happened to me, good and not so good, but here I am, having outlasted it all." I think I'll remember it whenever going through hard times.

  3. I love that line, too -- and "everything changes, nothing stays the same." I love the view from that beautiful blue window.

  4. What a lovely moment. I think I had a similar one the other day walking to the park with my mom and daughter, the same park I walked to so many times as a child. I call those moments magical time eddies.