Monday, 13 July 2015

#MicroblogMondays: I Am Thinking About ...

Soft toys!

I don't recall owning a soft toy as a small child. I guess there must have been one around somewhere in the mix, but it obviously wasn't that appreciated. A story that my parents told against me for EVER was that, when I was a tot, I swapped my brother's soft baby-blue teddy for a mankey old brown one ... I don't remember this at all, but really, I wouldn't put it past me, sibling rivalry being what it is.

I am (perpetually) clearing out the shed and the spare room, and still finding a variety of cuddly items left behind by my daughters. Some are gifts from discarded boyfriends, I suspect, though I'm too polite to enquire .... (They're off to the Charity Shop next week girls, so if you want them, come and get them!)

Actually I'm a bit of a softie myself, so I may very well NOT give them away, it seems a betrayal of trust, almost!

Have you come across the "Calvin and Hobbes" cartoons? Calvin is a very small boy, and Hobbes is his alter ego, coming to us in the form of a stuffed tiger. They are philosophers both, and the inspiration for this post. I follow them on Twitter, and I tell you, I could do worse.




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  1. We did the stuffed animal purge a while back: keep the ones you truly need and throw the rest of them in this bag for donation. But one they wanted to give away I snuck back out of the bag :-)