Monday, 10 August 2015

#MicroblogMonday: Since Becoming Enlightened ...

I could have opened up with, "Since Becoming Older", but that's just boring. Who would read that? So. Since Becoming Enlightened, I have been become a whole lot lazier. In fact I would encourage Enlightenment as a good enough reason to wander aimlessly in the wild admiring trees, or to sit still for long periods of time with a beatific look upon one's face." Wow!" I am thinking, which is probably not what the observers of my beatific countenance are thinking I'm thinking, "This is GREAT. All this doing next to nothing and getting admired for it! What a scam!" 

You do know I'm joking. Right? Please engage 'Tongue In Cheek' mode. 

The downside to Enlightenment is that once I start opening my mouth and engaging with people, they quickly realise I'm not very Enlightened at all. I get frustrated, angry, petty, and all the rest, just like everyone else. But Hey! Enlightenment has an answer to this too - SILENCE! I am no longer known to be frivolous and empty-headed (Not that I was either MUCH: I'm just making a point here.) but WISE.

So there you have it. Sit still a lot, walk aimlessly about a bit, and keep your mouth shut. The secret of a mystical and fulfilling life, admired by all.

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  1. You've discovered the secret of life! Thank you for sharing it with us so we can all look wise and mysterious :-)