Thursday, 13 August 2015

Robust Capitalism:Start Here

I am smitten by the number of hits to the story of my grandmother, Ellen Caroline Pitt, who died of complications in childbirth that would not have killed her and her child had she been rich. (She would have had adequate pre-natal care and been saved by a C-section.) The memories of those days are fading now, which isn't a good thing all round, I think, as I listen to the stories of the men and women sent away by the state to starve when their benefits are stopped.


Well, yes, you stupid people, you SHOULD have gone to that interview, and for not doing so, you deserve to go hungry!


I am exaggerating, aren't I? Nobody really says that? Maybe not, but it's what happens. I do not like what we are becoming, and that's a fact.


This is altogether too serious, so for a little light relief, I took the 'Would You Make An Entrepreneur ' test on the BBC website.

Despite the fact that I signed up for working all the hours that God sends, I failed the test. Even though I lied, and answered 'Endlessly Thinking Up Ways To,Make Money' when I really should have owned up to 'Having Fun' as being my modus operandi as a teenager.

I thought it was a wind-up, but no, really, this test is promoted by GOV-UK.

I SERIOUSLY don't like what we are becoming.

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