Monday, 9 April 2018

Rebooting Mondays

Flat-As-A-Pancake Day, bereft
Of froth and babble full of dread Mundane work-a-day
SOMETHING must be done!
Let's do it!
Smile. At everyone, some will stick ... And come flashing back.
Run up the stairs
Make coffee and
Hand round a crisp, white paper bag
Full of very sticky toffees.
Tip a beggar
Listen to a concerto
Or a rock band and
At the beginning of every email
Say something ...
Different. Kind, perhaps.
Remember, when you
Actually finish something,
How it felt when you were in the Juniors and your teacher
Pressed a gold star on your
Careful scrawl.
Good eh?
Pick a moment when everything
Would otherwise be too tedious to bear
Take yourself off to tthe Caribbean
Lie on on a beach with your lover
Let the surf nibble your toes ...
Or, if this is too much,
Be ten again and play
Hide and seek in a bright Spring wood
With your sister ...
See! It's working isn't it?
Already you're looking forward to Monday,
And have change jingling in your pocket
To buy toffees
And tip a beggar

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