Monday, 11 June 2018

The Canon and The Saxon Queen ...

These are random mumblings. I’m thinking that I’m getting too precious about this blog, and in waiting for something  meaningful to say, have said nothing!

So, on Saturday I witnessed one of those weird moments when the Universe conspired to do me a favour. There were two things on my mind, an enjoyable time in Gloucester with my friend Carol at a Saxon Funeral Re-enactment, and buying a printer. 

Well, on the way back from the Queen’s Demise Event, we happened past W H Smiths. They are doing a deal on printers: all you could want for a penny under £20! Irresistible.

So, thank you Queen Aethelflaed! 

Crazy thought: it is now cheaper to buy a new printer than it is to buy cartridges. Bearing in mind new printers comes with cartridges ... 

I am now getting out of this bath and leaving to dispense tea at the Salvation Army Citadel in Gloucester. Worry not, I intend to get dressed first.

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