Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Asking The Universe

I HAVEN'T got twenty-three unread mails in my Inbox! I don't know why this piece of wizardry insists I have. I had ONE from Evolving Wisdom that is offering me a FREE seminar on 'Finding My True Purpose in Life.'

It's impressive. I have read the paeans of praise and the testimonials of the Universe's satisfied customers. Let me see if I can remember the gifts the Cosmos has showered upon its admirers:

Built a little house
Flown to Holland
Talked to husband ( a personal favourite)
Run a road race
Got a new job

Frankly, I am underwhelmed. I blame neither The Universe, nor the Evolving Wisdom team, and it seems somewhat cruel to pour scorn, however kindly, on the supplicants... But??? 'Talked to my husband'??? I ask you.

I am laughing. Tears are streaming down my face. Even my husband (Especially, my husband.) would find it amusing.

Now I'm feeling mean. Quodlibet's 'True Purpose In Life' is to be vaguely compassionate and specifically kind, and I appear to have mislaid it.

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