Sunday, 28 April 2013

Born To This

It's Sunday, and I'm catching up on my emails. Thankfully, I am no longer being offered enhancements to a member I do not possess, or low-cost pharmaceuticals that I do not need, and it's even been a while since an over-familiar Nigerian has attempted to make me a wealthy woman.

I say, 'thankfully', but on the quiet I am a little disappointed, because much of the colour and interest has gone from my epostal existence.

I am left to muse over the offerings I have freely signed up for, and am thinking I could, if I totally lost my senses, sign up for a few more... But, there's fun to be had with what I have:

"Have you ever felt like the world simply isn't ready for the work you were meant to do? Like the role you were born to fill simply isn't considered possible by society?"

Oh YES!! I am pretty certain the world isn't ready for the work I was meant to do. There is one, no, there are two, good reasons why the world isn't ready.

One, I no longer wish to do any work at all, and two... Heck, I've already forgotten what 'two' is, I'll get back to you on that one.

But what a lovely thought! I could, at the click of a mouse and a complete rethink of my philosophy, become so utterly egocentric as to believe that the world gives a green fig about what my life's purpose is!

That this rethink in my philosophy is to be nurtured by bunging $300 in the direction of th e sponsoring organisation is neither here nor there, as I do not splash out on enlightenment. I am as enlightened as I can handle at the moment, and I'm profligate with it, and all for free!

I am intrigued though. WHAT role could there possibly be that, 'Isn't considered possible by society.'?My mind boggles. I am racking my brains... I have to assume that this reputable group isn't tempting me to anything deadly or illegal, so what's left?

I did, for a brief spell last Tuesday, consider getting the gear out and dancing in the streets to test that Iranian cleric's assertion that under-dressed and over-stimulating women cause earthquakes. Frankly, it was too cold, and I have my chest to think about.

I waited in all morning on Thursday to invite the Jehovah's Witness in for a chat, but none turned up. On Friday, I walked round Gloucester Park looking for the oak tree planted by Queen Mary in 1902 ( I WILL find it!) On Saturday, I planned to walk with the National Trust on May Hill to listen to the dawn chorus, but dropped out on the grounds of a hangover...

'What conclusions,' I muse, 'Am I to draw from the random aimlessness, and haphazard failure, of my enterprises this week?'

None. None whatever. I may very well have found the role I was born to fill in society. That of just being, just doing, and then sitting down on Sunday and having a good laugh about the beautiful pointlessness and glorious absurdity of it all.

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