Saturday, 27 April 2013

"Love Is ...

What Makes A Suburu A Suburu"

What??? I think this is the most outrageous and stupid advertising slogan I have ever heard. Admittedly , I don't hear many, and the ones I do hear, home in from Seattle, but nevertheless, I am incensed, exercised and otherwise miffed.

Suburu, I am never going to buy you, I don't care how much love...

But wait...

Are you offering me a mild sort of affection that will have us just holding hands? Or, rather, hand and door opening appendage? Perhaps a rather more intimate expression that might require you to be left in 'Park' and me hyped up to 'Drive'?

Maybe you are showing me respect, and are willing to wait until we're married? Well, I might be persuaded, but owing to my age, it will have to be a short engagement. And you will have to stump up for my divorce.

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