Monday, 5 August 2013


My inner- writer will give me no rest until I do this. That is, write a Statement of Faith. 

This is SO HARD. What possible purpose would it serve? Who knows or cares? 

I'm time-wasting, because as of this very moment, I have no idea what I'm going to say. So it's down to my subconscious to bail me out again: I shall take this opportunity to give my Right Brain the reins, and let rip: 

I know that the Cosmos of which I am a speck, is more than 99% void. I look upon the void with wonder. I wonder  that I am matter, and I wonder that I am conscious. Life is of inestimable value, conscious life even more so. I, you, everyone: so rare, so precious. 

There  rises from deep within me a profound gratitude for Being. This gratitude is unfocused, but real. I delight in every manifestation of life, especially in those three lives I helped to bring into Being. My children. 

I have searched and searched for meaning, and for a purpose in my life, and have not arrived at any conclusions. This is what I think today, tomorrow I shall be as happy as I am now to write something quite different.

As there are as many purposes in life as there are gurus to tell me what they are, I may as well invent my own. Like you, I will do this in accordance with my personality, my  upbringing and my circumstances. 

I discovered that ' I believe ' is too passive. So I ditched it for, I will. And maybe I will. I hope so!  Here I am: 

 I will do what brings me peace.

I will pursue happiness.

I will revel in adventure. 

I will make myself laugh, and in doing so, I hope to make others laugh too.

I will endeavour to gladden the hearts of those I meet, and I will not always succeed.

If I have to be angry at all, it will be FOR others, and not with them.

I will try always to be kind.

I will react to the suffering of others - in all it's manifestations - with compassion, and I will,when I can, do what I can to alleviate it.  

I will retreat into silence from time to time to connect with Gratitude, and give thanks for Being.

I will never forget how to play.

I will accept that this form will fade and die. Whether there is another form to come, doesn't matter: this one flawed, but perfect, life will have been enough. 

I will make every day count by continuously calling myself back to being conscious and present in every moment. 

I will remember love: that it is the most lavish and beautiful of gifts, that it never dies,  and is never wasted.

I will try to remember how flawed I am, and bring no judgement down on others. 

I will forgive myself for my imperfections, and offer the same gift to others.

And finally:

I will remind you, wherever you are, whoever you are, that you are loved. 


  1. I feel that I should print this out and paste it up somewhere easily viewable (is that a real word?)

    1. Thank you Carol. I think I'll take up guruing for a living.... (There I made you laugh. Result!)

    2. Oh! And if I go first, you can read this at my funeral. FULL REQUIEM MASS, by the way with 'My Song Is Love Unknown' and 'Wild Geese' by Mary Oliver. What do you want? :) ( No guitars!)