Sunday, 4 August 2013

Letter to My MP

Dear Mark Harper,

I am deeply disturbed by the tactics used by agents of this government with regard to apprehending illegal immigrants.

If, as it appears, men and women are being targeted for arrest based on the colour of their skin, I object most strongly. This is not the behaviour of a civilised nation, and it is NOT done in my name. 

I cannot approve either, of the 'Go Home' message that is being trialled, I understand, in areas of London. It has awful fascist undertones, even if not by design. 

Those who came to live here illegally are often dismissed as 'economic migrants' and so they may be, but many have escaped from unsafe homes, the very kind that I doubt you or I would care to see them returned to. 

Apply the law by all means, but let's proceed with methods commensurate with our national values of fairness, justice and compassion.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Francis

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