Friday, 2 May 2014

Medical Myths

I have been keeping an eye on the advice the health pundits are heaping on me, and have noticed something recently. Some powerful,messages are being challenged by newer and better research. As contemplation of my extinction has been much on my mind recently, I am relieved to doscover some of the more sensational exits are not so clearly marked as was once supposed. Here's three bits of re-information I came across today:

1.Stress is bad for you:

 Well, only if you think it is:

2. Fat people are unhealthy:

Not so. Overweight patients with heart disease have better survival rates than thin ones. Same goes for type 2 diabetes and kidney diease. 

Samantha Murphy: New Scientist 2 May 2014

3. Mammeograms save lives:

Very few. Contributes to many unnecessary operations.

Smoking though, is still terrible for you, so keep away from the fags. I probably won't do drugs either, as my addicted acquaintencies aren't looking good, and I'll be careful with the booze too. Most other health advice looks to be taken with a pinch of salt. No more than that, obviously ... 

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