Saturday, 17 May 2014

Who the Hell is Arthur C. Brooks?

" In my work today, I promote the free enterprise system, because I believe it has created more opportunity for the poor than any other system in history."

THAT is Arthur C. Brooks. I am going to shock some of you by saying that I think  that AC Brooks is worth listening to. 

He writes for 'The New York Times',  which generously allows hangers-on like me to read ten articles every month for free. I follow it on Twitter. In which, by the way, I do NOT own shares. 

My heart lies, as I think it always will, on the left, and, who knows, I may hold my nose and vote Labour in the upcoming elections for the European Parliament in horror of UKIP, but it certainly won't be the knee-jerk ballot that it used to be when I believed in more and knew less. 

My current position is neither left, nor right, but up in the air. Ed Milliband took the Labour leadership by stabbing his brother David in the back, and has done nothing since that has made me think better of him. I suspect I am not alone. 

The caveat is, that Arthur C Brooks has to be right. The poor MUST be better served in order to maintain the freedom and dignity that democracy owes to ALL its citizens. Go look, see what you think. Capitalism with a human face. You will find him here:

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