Friday, 13 June 2014

The Pursuit of Happiness

I wrote down as one of my goals today, to write on the Pursuit of Happiness, and as I'm at the stage in goal-setting where the goals are pursued whether they make me happy or not - i.e. Day One - I'd better get started.

Naturally, I have nothing original to say, but as this is no hindrance to any other of the blogs around, I'm not going to let THAT get me down. 

(Two paragraphs ... Well, it's a start.)

This all stems of course from my Resilience Training, which is now in Week 6. We are doing TLC's which in the context of my RT means, Therapuetic Lifestyle Choices. Groan. I eat too much, I don't get enough sleep, exercise is horrid, and I spend too much time doing untherapuetic things like ... Sitting on my big fat sofa watching highly unsuitable television. I do have some fun too, but it does rather feel as though I shouldn't ... 

"Seriously, Mary," I nag, (And you know me, I NEVER nag.) "You have to make some changes if you want to live to be 106 in order to get every last penny back that you invested in The Prudential." 

The above is a long story, and I strongly suspect only I find it interesting, so moving on... . 

There's an App for it, says Clay Cook, the prof delivering this course, so I went to look, and there IS. I have been tinkering with it all day, and I am now checking on every one  of my goings-on in order to decide whether or not I derive any benefit from them. It might sound very selfish to ask of the World, "Are you making me happy?" But as happiness is derived as much by giving as getting, or more so, it can work out to everyone's benefit. Besides, if I'm pissed, everybody gets it. Not good. 

Actually, apart from a slight 'not being in the moment, moment' when I thought something unpleasant about a woman who drove discourteously in my direction, and advising her to be more considerate in future, I haven't done too badly today. 

Nothing dramatic. No adrenaline rushes or mighty acts of mercy, just this:

Took clothes to a charity shop
Made a conscious act of forgiveness 
Cleared out some junk 
Bought a Big Issue
Ate a fruit salad instead of a bar of chocolate
Did my exercises the physio gave me for my back
Weighed in on Wii Fit
Spent some time in silence  after doing the church flowers
Offered to help a friend out on Sunday
Played with my granddaughters
Had a glass of wine with my lunch
And finally...
Sat in the garden with the flowers, trees and birds and 

Not a single moment of unhappiness. 


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