Friday, 27 June 2014

'Becoming Who You Wish To Be Known As'

I am into Week 8 of the Edx Course, "Becoming A Resilient Person:The Science of Stress Management" presented by Prof Clayton Cook of the University of Washington.  It's the last week and it's been fantastic. 

The quote above, from week 2 only hit home this morning as I went through the course summing- up. 

"Becoming who you wish to be known as." This is not a new theme for this blog. I am very interested in knowing who I wish to be known as, and am aware of undergoing many metamorphoses in my long and eventful life. 

I view the creation I am with a degree of suspicion. Some days I have it made, and walk on rainbows, other times, I want to hide beneath the duvet and cry like a baby. I see that both incarnations, and a realm of others, are All authentically me, with an orchestrating Self that may, or may not be 'me too' working to hold it all rogether. 

The Science of Stress Management explains and explores the bio-chemistry of Me, the evolutionary drivers that kept my ancestors safe enough to produce me, but don't always serve me well today. It's very enlightening, and the knowing has put me in a place of choosing. So let me pat the lizard in me on the head and soothe her with some TLC, then remember that I AM the ape at the top of the tree, and I have the capacity to say no to rage.  

"Observe the situation with a kind and gentle attitude." 

I really like that this comes from a science professor and not a priest, though it pretty well sums up the Beatitudes, the core of Jesus' teaching. Here's the thing:

Do good
Be kind
Show compassion
Give of your time and resources to help others
Cultivate a habit of gratitude 

Because these things promote your own well-being: boosting your immune sytem, making you feel happier, reducing  the risk, of cardio-vascular disease and lengthening your life. Wow! 

So here's the thing. Who do I wish to be known as? I've already told you. The woman who walks on rainbows some days, and cries under the duvet on others, and is totally at peace with both. God summed it up totally: I am that I am. I would add, and I am glad that I am!

Lucky woman eh? 


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