Monday, 23 June 2014

You Have All That You Need

My friend Alex is tall, thin and very religious ... in the best possible way - by which I mean the, 'God Loves You' way. The other way, 'God Loves You If You're Good' way, doesn't hold any attraction for me, because if it's true, then, frankly, I'm stuffed. 

So, Alex. He's been to Bible College, and has returned from Canada, where he went to Bible College, looking for God to tell him what to do. 

Now I have a problem with this. To me, God has a true Name, which Is, 'I Am'. We don't use it much, because it's a bit hard to make sense of, which is how it's meant to be, I think. I Am has some pretty peculiar characteristics in my book. If you wait for him to tell you what to do, or not to do, you could be hanging about for ever. This isn't written down anywhere, you'll find, except here, of course, which probably doesn't count. I'm just giving you the benefit of my sixty years in the faith's worth of experience. 

See, I Am too, and I don't hang about waiting to be told, I just say, 'You know, I Am going to do THIS."... And I do, and usually it works out just fine. I Am smiling at some of the less conventional things I've done, and might be tempted to shake my head and wonder ... But no, it was all good. :) 

Jesus led the way. This makes sense because that was the name, 'The Way', he gave himself, and the name taken up by early adopters to Christianity. He said, "I do what I see my father doing." That's the trick to this Divine Guidance lark, look about you, if you're so inclined, and do what you see The Father doing. How you feel about it will be your guide. It will feel:


It will bring you:


There ought to be more, I think, I shall definitely return to this.

So when Alex falls to his knees in the prayer time begore going out on the streets, I listen for what I Am is doing. He's telling Alex, "You have all that you need." I go over and whisper it to him, in case he's too busy pleading, to be listening, and I see his face  light up. 

"You have all that you need, because the  indwelling one, I AM, has put it there." 

God and I have both learned to do this: stand back and let people find out what's in them for themselves. So much easier than trying to give advice. Which, as you know, I NEVER do. 

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