Monday, 16 March 2015

#MicroblogMondays: Before I forget!

Today, this grey day alive with the promise of

Spring, and things, delightful, to come ...


(Despite the rain).


I am minded to remind me (and you, as you're here ... )

That I am a POET!


Prose is very good, in its way, with it's straight lines

And proper grammar, but you know, and I know you DO,


That straight lines are not me, and grammar is for

Writers who know how it goes ...


But ME? I have an oversized ego and

An enormous sense of self.


I like to make words turn cartwheels and dance inside your head


Which lets face it, is a lot more fun than pricking open a paragraph.


I can pick you up in a handful of syllables and


Turn you upside down. Because, you see,


I'm a poet, and I was there when you caught meaning in a sunrise


And watched the slip of a moon rise over our heads.


See. I KNEW it! You WERE there!