Monday, 23 March 2015

MicroblogModdays:The Smiling Angel

Steak Pie - Fabulous! - at the Beauchamp Arms (pronounced 'Beecham') with a local cider preceeded a visit to the Anglican (Episcopalian) Church of St Mary the Virgin in Dymock, home of 300 souls, about five miles from where I live.



Robert Frost lived close by at the beginning of the last century. It is possible that the 'Road Less Travelled' with its 'yellow wood' records a ride through the woods around here, in March, when the native daffodils are in bloom.



What caught my eye as I wandered into St Mary's Church was this fragment of medieval stained glass. Look at the angell! I believe s/he's smiling!


Especially for my American griends, another piece of your history recorded in St Mary's Church - the quilts made by American women for the soldiers during the Civil War. Isn't history amazing? It crops up in the most unusual places!



This is a modern quilt made by British women to commerate the Dymock Poets, the American connection through Robert Frost, and the sacrifice of the men who died in the Great War. (1914 -1918)



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  1. Oh! He's one of the Dymock poets. Yes. Lovely pictures. They make me feel like I got to travel tonight without leaving my living room.