Saturday, 2 April 2016

Daily Poem #2 'The New Boys'

My daughter Kate married Darren in July 2014. In January this year, their son, Frank, was born. I took this portrait of father and son a few hours later:

The New Boys

He'll support Coventry City

And play, unabashed, with the girls on the playground.

He'll charm old ladies, and when she's too frail to walk, he'll

Fetch his grandmother her gin at family weddings.

There'll be laughter, a lot of it, and he'll wear sorrow like a mac

To be tossed aside when the sun shines.

His sister, yet unborn, will adore him, and he

Will always be her tormentor and her knight.

But for now, he lies in his father's arms, dreaming,

Not of the way it was

But of what will be.



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