Monday, 4 April 2016


"Hidden Brain" is a podcast about everything to do with the brain, which is pretty much everything if you think about it.


I listened to this issue on "Job-Crafting" whilst in the bath just now, and was much taken with it. The Harvard Professor with the brief for employees in the workplace, had interviewed a number of hospital cleaning staff, quizzing them on how their version of the job matched that of the management. I think the kind of cleaners the hospital were glad they employed, were those who had made their job into a life-work. They had taken the dry list of 'things to do' and made it sing. Here's how it goes:

My brain was really taken with this, and returned immediately from it's beach vacation to run away with the idea of 'Life-Crafting'. (Website and tee-shirt to follow... .)


Life-crafting is all about looking at the to-do list and inviting it to contribute something meaningful to the wealth of human happiness. Just hold that thought, and let YOUR brain make it sing.





  1. I need to return to the Hidden Brain. I started listening and then got side tracked by Note to Self episodes. Life-crafting sounds interesting.

  2. It was an excellent podcast!