Friday, 8 April 2016

Daily Poem#7 Tritina

I didn't know what a Tritina WAS until yesterday! I deconstructed a poem I wrote for my 65th birthday and adapted it to this genre. It required considerable re-writing, which is a discipline I should probably engage more often!


28th October 2015

Have you noticed how the colour of the morning is yellow

Now that the days are shorter and the sun hangs low in the sky?

I mention this because it is Wednesday, and my birthday.


Become sixty-five or pass it, or call it every birthday

Deem it necessary to remember days like this one, warm and yellow

Dare enough to venture out alone beneath an empty sky.


Befriend solitude, a sense not of this century or beneath this sky;

Watch silence gleam on the wind-lapped lake. Whisper, savour, "Birth-Day."

Receive as a gift this quiet wood wrapped in green, and brown and yellow


This yellow day, this quiet sky, this awesome present. My birthday.








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