Saturday, 11 January 2014

Making Meatloaf

An early start today. Daughter Kate and fiancé Darren stayed overnight and Ray has taken them off to the airport. Darren recently owned up to never having had meatloaf. So I fixed meatloaf for supper last night as they're off to Spanish cuisine for a week. I thought a little real homely American comfort food would be a great send off. (Don't talk to me about the delights of calamari, You'll not convince me.)

Meatloaf. Mmmm. Homemade, the right mix of good lean minced steak, finely chopped onions and sausage meat, spiced with a dash of curry powder, glazed with a special BBQ sauce... Move on Mary, move on, it's too early for leftovers. 

I am skiving. Apart from making meatloaf, I did nothing yesterday, and am not about to do anything today. Loving it.

A friend recently asked me how I was feeling, and I began to cry.  Unknotting, letting go, releasing emotions that I would be unwilling to name. Like pushing a reset button - you know the sort: hidden,  and needing a sharp jab to activate. You just have to do it sometimes and what a relief it is.

Well, anyway, I re-packed the baggage, lightening-up somewhat, and made meatloaf. 

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