Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Umzimvubu ((Port St John's)

This is the view from my bed. 

We drove for seven and a half hours from Port Alfred to Port St John's ( Umzimvubu) and here I am enjoying spectacular views.

When here eight years ago with my daughter Jen, who knows about these things, she arranged a star gazing meet just before dawn, to spot Orion rising over the Indian Ocean. He looks like our Orion only he's upside down. Then the sun came up and it was magical. You don't forget mornings like that.

My father had died the week before, so we went to Third Beach and I made a wreath from the flowers that grew in the forest that came right down to the water's edge and I threw it into the sea. I scratched his name alongside my mother's in the rocks, and tomorrow I shall go back to check that they're still there. Not visible to anyone who didn't know where to look.

And yes Dad, if I see the goat I gave you for Christmas that year, I shall be sure to say hello.

Third Beach ....

Is now the Silake Nature Reserve:

Nomvouzo Cingo, my African sister, joined us. She represents the ANC in the Eastern Cape Parliament. We are very proud of her.

She took this, and I guess I ought to put it up. It was windy...

Tomorrow we head for Lower Kroza, my home in Africa. There is no running water, let  alone wifi, so I will post again when I am able. 

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