Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Morning After...

We found out that Sunderland were through to The Cup Final.  

I am an indifferent Football Fan as my regular readership is aware, but even I, at my most cynical, could not fail to ride the roller-coaster with the Family Fanatic as Sunderland, with the help of the Man U goalkeeper, won it all, then lost it all, in the final two minutes of a 120 minute slog. Abject despair turns to absolute incredulity as Sunderland triumphed in the Penalty Shootout - a device that is not generally approved of in this neck of the woods, but which delivered the goods, just this once. 

So Sunderland are going to Wembly, and so I believe is Ray, courtesy of a future son-in-law. 

It being advisable to get the celebrating in before the actual game, for the obvious reason that it may not be appropriate after it, we went out and got drunk.

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